A Change is Going To Come

Job 42:1-17, Hebrews 7:23-28 and Mark 10:46-52

Things in each life may stay the same for years. But, they just don’t stay the same forever! Moments present themselves and change can come by unwelcome force or by inner will.

Suffering Job’s moment came in dialogue with God. The blind beggar Bartimaeus seized the moment and asked for help. In the Hebrews text we are told who makes the change to come about. We have a high priest who intercedes for us, bids us to follow.

Change can come slowly or suddenly, quietly or loudly, alone or with others. The one thing to keep in mind is that God is in the midst of the change. What will we make of that?

Life is like a flowing river. We are carried along. We can grab an out cropping of rock and try to stay put for a while. But at some point we let go and go again with the flow. Sometimes the waters are fairly calm and at other times it’s like being in white water racing toward more rapids or a waterfall!

For the person of faith, as scary or uncertain as the stream may be, there will always be a Life Jacket to keep us safe, to help us change around in the water and keep our head up as we are pulled along toward the river’s End.

A change is going to come. Why not expect it to include a blessing for you as once for Job and Bartimaeus? Yes, it may be during a rough time in life, but a blessing nonetheless!

As the season of Fall reminds us so well, changes will come!

Pastor Barry †