Who Can Help Us?

Driving out of Nashville back toward Murfreesboro and home on Tuesday was awful. Well, awful from the perspective of a driver in traffic who over the years has seen the congestion worsen. Who and when will the help come? The new mayor up there? The Governor? Congress? The Pope? Churches in the area? I also hear that Rutherford County could increase 50% in just a few years! Who will help us? A perennial question when issues and problems arise.
Moses asks a similar question in Numbers as do the disciples in Mark. Then James adds to this question about who is to step up and help those in need. And it’s not always just “who,” but rather “who will we LET help us!”  Who qualifies? Practical questions with practical answers? Let’s hope so!
I will see you “prophets, you disciples, you elders, you little ones” this Sunday  and see “what saith The Lord” about the matter of who should or should not get to help!
Bro Barry


Homecoming time~! In the 21st Century it looks quite a bit different than a generation or two ago. Through smart phones, email, texts, Skype, Facebook, Interstate Highways, and other means of rapid communication and transport people stay “in touch” more than ever. Yet, there is still something about Place. A returning to a place that shapes us, transforms us, loves us, and grows us! Church as home is just that kind of place! Place as experience and memory. And with one another we are one in Christ! We are the Body of Christ. Until He comes again.

Homecoming at Kedron is this Sunday! Join us and be glad!

Bro Barry

I so wanted to preach upon last week’s texts from Psalm 146 and Mark 7, but time and circumstance wait for no one! The “moving finger having writ, moves on.” I did keep Psalm 146 but thought Romans 13 and Revelation 13 have a lot to say about Sept 11, Rowan County, KY, church, and love.

The events around us have moved from immediate painful personal losses to the events of the nation and world. We walk with BOTH our personal concerns as well as those of the world and community. We are both private and public Christians. We are both local and worldwide. We are both “in the world and not of it.”

Go figure…most of us are not hermits nor monks nor Presidents nor Senators. Somewhere in between! Citizens in community and in church. For some things….against some things.
The texts from Psalms and Romans and Revelation are just “packed” and no single sermon nor worship do them justice….. But we will try. We will pray and listen to the Word. May God give the increase.

Bro Barry