Like a pendulum swinging back and forth

The last month (like many a month!) has been one like a pendulum swinging back and forth from great enjoyment to deep, dark sadness (despair, tho, has never really found itself at my doorstep).  From family losses to hearing of church members who have lost loved ones or friends, then to gloomy news on TV and in print; but in the next moment, receiving good and fun news and being with great people in laughter and rejoicing. Definitely a mixed bag of life’s offerings.

The scriptures I see before us for Sunday seem to say, “ALL should be a party like atmosphere since WE were intended to be the “crown of creation.” Or something very close to it! We should have had it made…!
But… The wheels came off along the way! Even so, the Bible reminds us in many places we were intended for great and good things. Intended to live out being “made in the image of God!”

Like children always ready to receive the Kingdom of God with joy (Mark 10:13-16) . Somewhere up there with the angels!  Well, that Truth seems often to depend for us on where we are standing at any given moment. But from Gods perspective, we are the “apple of His eye!” We were all meant to be “the life of the party,” so to speak!

This Sunday we will try to remember that a bit better in spite of our circumstances, our attitudes, and  ambiguous “reports from the field!”

Bro Barry