But What About Them

Numbers 11:24-29 and Mark 9:38-41

At some point in most human group life and activities, such questions come forth:

“Why are they doing it that way”

“Who gave them permission to do that?”

“Should we stop them from doing that?”

Questions as old as Moses and as significant to who is following Jesus most closely! And once asked, such questions have to be addressed rather than suppressed.

It seems to be our nature to do things different ways and yet, to want things done a certain way and by certain people. Otherwise, there might be confusion and chaos. But if approached “poorly” doing it only “my/our way” can lead to conflict and false feelings of superiority.

Poor, pitiful humans! We need leadership, guidance, and a Savior!! This Sunday we will, as always, turn toward the One God to worship and to seek guidance from. Even so, we have a hundred different ears and brains, and the call for humility and patience and understanding is ever present.

Yet, the good side of all this is the actual good ministry and mission and community togetherness that come from taking the Spirit led step of faith! We just need to keep taking those “steps of faith” and not get stuck on who has been given power, permission, and authority. The answer is pretty much…EVERYONE. Some things we ALL can do, and some things are specific to your personal “gifts, graces, and talents.”

We are a “work in progress” and we all need each other!

Invite someone to come and be part of our worship and work together this Sunday and coming week!

Pastor Barry †

Homecoming: Bearing Witness to Past, Present, and Future

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, Romans 16:1-16 and Hebrews 12:1-3

On Sunday September 19th, the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, our sermon title is Homecoming: Bearing Witness to Past, Present, and Future. The scriptures are Psalm 124, Romans 8:31-39 and Revelation 21:1-5.

A congregation’s Homecoming Sunday may emphasize its past and present, but it’s future is ever before it. So, this Sunday we will have a multitude of voices in song, word, and deeds share about our life together at Kedron UMC.

As Ecclesiastes 3 tells us, there is a times and season for everything and it is good to recall people, places, and things from our church history. And Romans 16 and Hebrews 12 reminds us of the importance of names and what each one means to another. Hebrews 12 says we, the living now, have a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us in memory and in the hope of Resurrection.

We expect to eat together and fellowship after our worship. Again stories, names, and events will be shared. There is much to be said for “church” throughout the year but occasions like Homecoming bring into focus how much we are blessed by past, present, and future. Give God the thanks and praise!

Invite someone and we will see you Sunday!

Pastor Barry †

Where Were You When…?

Psalm 124, Romans 8:31-39 and Revelation 21:1-5

Events both bad and good often leave an indelible mark upon us. We remember the moment, the day vividly. It might be very personal or might include an entire community or a nation. And we remember our responses and what helped or did not help.

Many reading this know exactly where they were when it was announced that President Kennedy had been assassinated. And most all will remember 9/11 which we commemorate 20 years now this coming weekend.

Our faith points to the depth and height of responses and feelings which come from us in both days of trouble or victory or the Ultimate Hope in every heart. The scriptures are realistic in both their tears and their hopes. We too don’t have to deny pain and loss nor do we ignore Gods promise to care and move us forward to a good future.

From the cry of the Psalms to Paul’s affirmation of God’s love to the Hope of Revelation, we will hear of the Word for us in this time of remembrance and in this time of challenge. Be encouraged.

See you soon in worship!

Pastor Barry †

Let’s Work Together

Proverbs 22:1-2; 22-23, James 2:1-17 and Mark 7:24-37

Most of us remember our first job; the paying one! And before that, most children have assigned chores, responsibilities around the home. School becomes “work” or so it seemed! Remember “homework?!”

Most of us are not born into royalty thus being spared actual work to get things done and make a “living.” Sadly tho many have been born into poverty for multiple reasons. And even a hard working person can find themselves in sudden poverty due to illness, injury, layoffs, or conditions beyond their control.

Our scriptures address the poor, the disfavored, and the physically challenged and demon possessed. What did Jesus do? What is expected of the people called “church?”

This Labor Day Sunday, Holy Communion Sunday, and somber week leading to Remembering 9/11 twenty years out is as good as any Sunday worship to hear “what saith the Lord.” What will we hear about “work” for the good of others and even for ourselves when “bad things happen to good people?” Indeed we will get close to the heart of a “lived faith” not just a “said faith.”

And to add to the impact of these eventful days we will hear about the approach of September 12th Grandparents Day as well! And most of us that are or were around grandparents can usually testify to their examples of work for family and church!

We will have much to “absorb” in worship this September 5th!! Invite a friend or neighbor too!

Blessings “good and faithful servants!”

Pastor Barry †