Luke 10:42  “One thing is needful…..”

If you are like most of us at Thanksgiving, you make a list of people, places, and things to be thankful for. They will be uttered in prayerful thanks around the dinner  table surrounded by family or friends, co-workers, teammates, or other social groups. You will be “counting your blessings.” All good and well and a right thing to do.

I propose, as a slight variation of giving thanks for many received blessings, that in your private moments of prayer during this Thanksgiving Season you think upon giving thanks for one specific Being. Our God, Creator and Maker, Savior and Lord. Don’t go over what the Giver has given you but rather just pause in devotion to the One who makes all things, all gifts possible. Quietly focus your silent moment on God and God alone. As if you had virtually nothing else at all….but God.

I know we can’t just quietly  stay in that place of “one thing needful” for we are called to enjoy, use, and share what gifts we have received. But……God alone for one lone moment this Season. Find your prayer closet….wherever that might be and take a full 5 minutes.

Think upon “one thing needful”….. and be glad.  The Mary of Luke 10:42 did……….