Conflict, Love, and Big Snows

No one ever really wants to go to church on Sunday and see a fight breakout! Few expect that! And thanks be to God it is rare. But, the Luke text for this Sunday has Jesus in his home town synagogue reading from Isaiah, making a few remarks, and the next thing he knows….the “congregation” is ready to toss him over the cliff! Sure….in the world, one can go to a number of places, e.g. a hockey game, and a fight is the standard! But, in a gathering place called to worship and love??! How can that happen?! Must be something about the Human Condition. As one wag recently said about a certain person running for office, “he’s an Old Testament politician running in a new Testament world!” (I will elaborate a bit on that in the sermon). If you stick around for a while, one can see that love is at work, yes, but conflict is the “workplace!” So, we are left to call upon God as our guide to see HOW love can overcome conflict. And the practices and habits that might just help make it happen!

If it doesn’t snow and ice…see you Sunday! Wear your gloves…the warm kind…not the boxing kind!


Pastor Barry

Eric Ross

This Sunday is recognized by many churches as Ecumenical Sunday. The worship today leads into a week of prayer for Christian Unity, a goal we are to always strive toward.

Eric Ross, our guest preacher, comes to us to share the Word with us. His spiritual journey is one that has touched upon many expressions of the Christian life. He is now a fellow United Methodist coming from our sister church Fellowship on Old Salem Highway. His talents and gifts have led to a place in life where his vocation of truck driver has also joined with that of a teacher with a PhD! He now is in the discernment process of becoming a UM pastor! If I told you much more it might spoil HIS telling it his way!

The John text is about the abundant life the Good Shepherd offers us. And how he gathers his flock from “other folds” as well as the one we are most familiar with. The Corinthian text reminds us of the unity and diversity of the Body of Christ, the Church.

Eric will share the Word and how it has touched him in multiple vocational ways and how it touches all of us in our callings, our talents.

God is the One who does not change but is forever seeing to it that WE change and grow!

See you Sunday!


Pastor Barry

Watchmen, Weddings, and Wine

This sermon title has all the makings of a country song, don’t you think?! But Faron Young, George Jones, Taylor Swift, and many others have covered wine and weddings better so don’t expect a song from me! You can, however, look forward to a riveting proclamation by Isaiah, a great visual of Jesus at a 7 day wedding, and Paul’s practical description of gifts we should give to each other on any occasion! Perhaps without the wine!

The idea of “watchmen” may be the puzzler in this sermon. In my study, I came across the famous notion of the 100 Year Prayer Watchmen of the Moravians back in the 1700s. Prayer vigils 24/7! We at Kedron are called to prayer and many of us are attempting to say a prayer at noon each day for the year 2016 and during the months leading to our General Conference in Oregon in May. The Lord Prayer is a good one to start with at noon. Continue onward as you are so led.

So, come to church praying and leave praying. Not unlike our Moravian fore bearers and your favorite country singer celebrating a wedding!

Blessings in 2016!

Pastor Barry

Baptism: Water, Fire, Spirit

This Sunday is celebrated in worship by many congregations as The Baptism of Our Lord Sunday. We have little in our Bible that tells us much about Jesus’ childhood and teen years. And we have quickly covered that! In the last two Sermons we looked at Jesus around age 12 learning AND teaching in the Temple. “Growing in wisdom and stature.” And we saw him as the Holy Child visited by the Wise Men from the East. That’s about it for Jesus as child, youth, young adult in the New Testament.

But, now….. With the Baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan, the life of Jesus moves with story after story and parable after parable. Teaching and healing! His ministry is underway in a big way…all the way to Calvary…Tomb…and Resurrection. THIS is now the Greatest Story!

I hope to not get caught up in the history of how Christians have differed in emphasis on baptism but we will take a brief walk down history lane. Then we will be asked to Remember Our Baptism as is fitting for us Wesleyans! I hope for the End Result to be utter confidence that God has demonstrated love toward us in an “outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.”
Since YOU are “the temple of the Holy Spirit” receive this blessing:

“Christus Mansionem Benedicat”

Pastor Barry