Idols, False Voices? Distraction? Avoid All This! Focus on God’s Focus!

Exodus 32:1-14, Timothy 6:3-16 and Matthew 22:1-14

We are looking at perhaps a wordy sermon title! But there is so much going on in these three Bible passages it took some effort to keep it THAT short!

To try and keep it “manageable” though, let’s say all three scriptures deal with easily distracted people of God. In spite of Moses’ faithful leadership, Jesus’ description of the Kingdom as a wedding feast, and Paul’s reminder of the Eternal Life we are called to, we, the people, easily (it seems) get distracted to idols, arguments, laziness, and riches!

There are all too often too many competing “voices” on our faith walk. We can’t give them all equal attention and successfully find our way Home. We need to listen up and learn, choose, and be willing to stand firm as needed or…change as needed. At least that’s what Moses has to say to the Golden Calf revelers, what Jesus says about the lazy Wedding guests and what Paul reminds Timothy to not lose sight of.

It’s a lot to unpack but we have the Spirit to guide us in our hearing and in our doing during and after worship! And….God is patient and merciful. Let us be about finding our way through the Wilderness, into the Wedding Feast, and toward Eternal Life!

Pay attention, stay focused, enjoy the company of your fellow strugglers along the Way!

Pastor Barry