The Authority of Ten and Then of the One

As you get older I think many come to value The Ten Commandments more and more. Or at least 3-4 of them! I’ll leave that to you to say which commandments have meant the most to you! And I will say the one about “not coveting” is very hard to enforce in a legal, ecclesiastical, or public way!

And Christians, whose two most central teachings we celebrate around a table, have to hold in tension the requirements of The Law upon us as well the unmerited favor of God in Christ upon us. Perhaps celebrating World Communion (as we will this Sunday) will remind us once and for all our faith is about “Christ and him crucified.” Our Philippians text has Paul with a single-minded focus on Christ although he reminds us he (Paul) was “faultless in obeying the Law” v.6.

As in most meal gatherings we don’t remember how well we kept table manners or how well we kept everything in order during the meal. But, we remember the people present, the shared stories, and the high moments of joyous fellowship with deep appreciation for the Host who opened up the house for all of us to be together.

So, yes to The Ten Commandments but even more yes to the One who lived them out completely for our sake.

See you Sunday in worship!

Pastor Barry