God Will Take Care Of You!

Isaiah 49:8-13, and Matthew 6:24-34

My next of kin, LeNoir, has graciously responded to my request to fill the pulpit and lead Kedron in worship this coming Sunday. I will be over at Locks Memorial for their Homecoming.

I will eagerly wait to hear the sermon and worship service later on-line, but I can say from reading the texts that there is restoration for spiritual Israel then and now. And pointedly directed to most of us in this troublesome year 2020 is a word about worrying: DON’T! Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is relevant in any time or place.

Easier said than done, but to at least lessen our worries or “take the edge off our worries” seems like a good word from God. Concern for multiple matters is one thing, but to constantly worry is a depletion of personal energy and a distrust in God’s present/future offering for your wellbeing.

LeNoir will hold forth on Sunday, so prepare in anticipation of a Good Word for all as we enter half way into October!

Blessings in this both awesome, beautiful season of the year as well as for whatever your struggles are in the moment! Remember this as you close out the time of worship by singing “God Will Take Care Of You!”

Pastor Barry