Greatest Good News Playlist

Psalm 148, Revelation 21:1-6 and John 13:31-35

Weeks after Easter Sunday, on the verge of full swing into the 2nd half of 2022, the scriptures this Sunday are a veritable “greatest hits” list! Given the state of much of our world and perhaps our troubled personal lives, it’s good to hear and feel the joy and Good News in these verses.

The Psalmist can’t sit still! Everything in all creation is to praise the Creator. This matches well with many days and weeks in Spring season in Tennessee! John the Revelator presents us a vision of all things new where death, grief, crying, pain will be no more.

And Jesus in the farewell address to his disciples reassures them of the glory of God revealed in the Son of Man. Part of that is to love one another as Jesus has loved them! The glory of God in genuine care and compassion for each other.

Indeed, scriptures to pull a chair up to on your front porch and read or hear recited. Scriptures to record on your media devices and play as you go for Spring drives in the beauty of Creation. Scriptures to be put to music so as to sing with joy.

These are ways to contend against all that seems to be against us and God’s children everywhere in 2022. We must not believe that the worst wins out. The Psalmist and the two Johns won’t allow that!

Read on faithful people! Listen to God’s greatest hits playlist!

Pastor Barry †