Fishing, Finding 153, Feeding Sheep

Acts 9:1-20, Revelation 5:11-14 and John 21:1-19

Those forty days after Jesus’ Resurrection were just packed with “quality time” with the disciples. And then for the rest of the first century the early church told the stories of Jesus to the world.

It has not stopped yet. Peter and Paul, John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos, the women bearing the first witness to the Risen Lord: the list goes on and is impressive still after 2000 years.

We ask ourselves if we are still open to God’s revealing on our Damascus roads? We hear Jesus tell us to “feed the flock” to go “fishing for more.” We are asked to trust that God will truly bring Heaven to Earth when all is finished.

It’s a powerful true story and it’s good to tell it Sunday after Sunday, during the weekdays, and to show it to others in deeds not just words alone. Such a retelling is helped when we come upon slight oddities in Scripture like the number 153 in John 21. The number of fish caught after Jesus instructed the disciples to cast the net. We will explore that number as well as the “numbers” in Acts 4 and the “thousands” of angels and earth creatures” in Revelation 5.

Interesting, engaging, and ultimately an enthusing of our spirits to be about the sharing of Good News and pointing to the Kingdom of God!

And the Table will be prepared as well so we will have spiritual nourishment for the mission week ahead!

Join us as we go fishing and feeding!

Pastor Barry †