A Change is Gonna Come

Psalm 133, Acts 4:32-35 and John 20:19-31

You have a big event, an exciting moment. Something amazing touches you! It might be a birthday, anniversary, championship game, best ever vacation, job promotion, graduation, and so on. The thrill lasts for a while and then some routine and normality returns. Your life is touched and has benefited but everything doesn’t change.

Our first Sunday after Easter, however, has texts in Acts and in John where everything seems to change and nothing remains the same! The Resurrection of Jesus had that kind of impact. Lives are really changed forever and people live together in community such that no one goes without aid or help. Fellowship and sharing and mission take on primary importance.

After two thousand years and centuries of Easter Sunday worship the Church has lived out this dramatic change in multiple ways with both success and failure; but always announcing the Hope that it CAN happen! And sure enough…..congregations and individuals are touched, change, share, change, grow, and see life take on great meaning and purpose!

So, Easter is not one day but potentially ANY and every day!

This Sunday we will hear of an astounding way to live together in community and how individuals react out of their particular needs and experience.

Resurrection has a way of making a difference. Not just in life after death but here and now! Believe! As the singer Sam Cooke sang in 1964, “a change is gonna come!”

Happy Easter!

Pastor Barry †