Resurrection and Running

Yes, most of us revel in the season of Christmas. Lots of preparation and anticipation, parties, gifts, and get togethers. Church goers or not, people get into the spirit of Christmas.

Easter should do the same but for most it’s not the preferred of the two Christian celebrations. Rightly so, the lead in to Easter’s hope is a difficult, painful week ending in an execution. The tone is much more somber.

Yet, when we actually read and hear the scriptures there is a breathless exciting story unfolding. Lots of running! There’s not a lot of running in the Bible! But, just read the John text! And if we celebrate a new beginning with a birth at Christmas even more so the call comes to celebrate a new beginning at Easter.

Part of the issue is that Resurrection as an afterlife is just not present for us. It is still to come. However, Resurrection as “empowering” to us in New Beginnings coming from God IS available here and now. And such New Beginnings act as energy to propel us on through our lives to their end which is NOT the only end.

For many, it is hard to grasp. So it was also for the early disciples. They had to “run” to see, believe, and share with others. Paul later does say he “has run and finished the race.” Indeed for many of us, we need “to pick up the pace” and run in faith. Some days we are better at that than other days.

Pray that an Easter worship will speak to your spirit and help enliven it for the Marathon of Life and the Victory Celebration over sin and death!!

Blessed Easter to you!

Pastor Barry †