Strange! But Salvation Arrives!

Numbers 21:4b-9, I Corinthians 1:18-24 and John 3:13-17

This Sunday we will emphasize Holy Cross Day which actually falls on Monday the 14th. The scriptures that highlight the Cross of Christ for this day involve the imagery of snakes! Most people quickly react negatively and, if they don’t just run, they are ready to change the subject! I don’t blame them! A good rule of thumb for snake seeing is “don’t touch but run!”

But throughout the Bible there are strange stories that require some effort to grasp in our 21st century experience. And even Paul knew that speaking of a crucified Messiah was “a stumbling block” to many (e.g. the Jews) and “foolishness to the Greeks (Gentiles).” And bringing images of serpents lifted up on poles is not helpful either!

But there they are. And somehow, finally makes for salvation for many. Wholeness and completion and security. In a time of international insecurity over a virus with accompanying unrest politically and socially, we need to hear of salvation, that which saves us wholly and “holy.”

So, we will hear of strange images and once very unexpected means of relief and rescue for Gods people. The end result is, as always for church and world, Good News!

Join with us in person and/or on-line this Sunday! Blessings!

Pastor Barry