The Things That Happen in Church

This Sunday September 20th is Homecoming at Kedron. Unlike high school homecomings everyone who shows up is a king and queen! To be more correct we are of a “royal family,” heirs apparent, but only one Lord who is Supreme. No other gods before us and we are not God. But we are again in that “Royal” family of the one God. We are one united group of brothers and sisters in all our diversity….even at Kedron UMC!

Our scriptures reflect both the wide range of life experiences in church and in society as well as the very personable, warm greetings by name of people that Paul had ministered with over the years.

So, at Homecoming we will have a wealth of memories of people, places and things connected with Kedron (and other churches) alongside our “living in the now,” with hopes for the future. Favorite hymns and testimonies and mutual histories will have us immersed in life together. This will be good and worthy of living forward into another year with each other as God gives us time and opportunity.

As you read this, think of someone to pass the word along to about Homecoming and check on them as you can. This pandemic year 2020 has taken its toll on our being together in community and in fellowship, so the aspiration is to recommit to staying in contact and “building up the body of Christ“ which is the Church.

See you Sunday in person, on line, and in our hearts!

Pastor Barry