Elvis and Other Gifts

Exodus 1:8-2:10, Romans 12:1-8 and Matthew 16: 13-20

Once a week, we gather in-person or on-line to worship. Before the health safety concerns of COVID19 we also could meet for Sunday School, weekly Bible study, other studies, hands on mission, multi church fellowship and meals together. It’s harder now to have these activities and will be for a while.

And on both sides of a Sunday worship, we have a total of 12 days which have a huge influence on what we see, do, believe, and act upon. In this unchosen season of limited congregational gathering, we need to step up our “spiritual reading” of those 12 other week days! By that I mean step up our paying attention to God’s daily gifts that come from our culture and society. For instance, how do we read the gift of Elvis? This past week was the anniversary of his death. How do we remember him and his gifts of music and entertainment? And other entertainers and public figures? And this past week we remember the anniversary of the Constitutional Amendment giving women the right to vote. Society and community give us numerous situations to maintain as well as change.

Add to these another hundred events that have somewhere within them a gift from God.

Our three scriptures emphasize the gifts of people in our lives especially in scripture but also in the here and now of our lives today. Exodus speaks of the midwives who obeyed God and saved Moses the infant. Paul reminds of the gifts each believer has to offer to others. And Jesus goes so far as to tell one of disciples that he (Peter and his confession) will be the initial gift that the church will be built on!

So, what can we hear and see during the week, outside our hour of group worship, that reminds us (and those we come into contact with) that God brings the gifts of others to us for blessings and for service!?

How does Elvis still bless us? And the work of another generation of women (and men) to bring forth full participation in our democracy? The gifts of God bestowed upon us are present throughout the week outside the walls of the church. Let us recognize and give thanks on all the days on each side of Sunday’s worship. We see and hear and receive so much from that which is all around us. Let us see God at work blessing us in so many ways day in and day out in the lives and gifts of others.

Sunday we will hear of ancient midwives, disciples, entertainers, church, activists, and even Elvis!


Pastor Barry