Working Things Out

Genesis 45:1-15, Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32 and Matthew 15:21-28

Fifty-five years ago The Beatles released their hit song “We Can Work It Out.” A song about keeping a romantic relationship going. The list of “working it out” songs seems endless. Another song by the band Canned Heat says, “Let’s Work Together.” Probably very predictable since things go well and then….they don’t.

Our scriptures this Sunday all highlight the theme of not so much our working things out but how, when, and where GOD works things out. Who could see Joseph coming through his ordeal of betrayal, exile, and slavery to the point that he forgave his brothers and was reconciled with them? How could Jews and Gentiles ever be brought together after generations of living so differently from each other? How could a suffering Gentile woman thought of as a “dog” ever find acceptance and healing? Paul and Jesus give us answers and examples.

There is no end to scriptures confidently asserting that “God is all about Providence” or that “working things out” over time. Since we are locked into our past and present we find it hard to see the future. Our only contribution is faith and love in the present. Given how dire our human situations become it is imperative to hear what God is up to. And to hear, as we wait in our troubles and conflicts, that faith and love make a huge difference in our waiting until we arrive at God’s good future.

So, hold on since you are being held by God until that day!

Blessings as we head toward Sunday worship!

Pastor Barry