A Father and Son Experience? Listen and Learn

Genesis 22:1-14, Romans 6:12-23 and Matthew 10:40-42

The experience of father Abraham and son Isaac’s near death by sacrifice moment is both inspiring and disturbing. Not something you would wish upon anyone nor legally would go unpunished today! But, being at the very heart of God’s promise to bless all generations through Abraham, there it is for all to ponder and pray through.

It just so happens that John Wesley’s birthday falls on this Sunday as well as this Genesis text. A birth in 1703 that only became truly momentous some 35 years later when Wesley’s heart was so moved by God that the spiritual movement known as Methodism sprang forth and continues into the 21st century!

Which one of these stories is more appealing and one you can relate to? Even so, in sermon, prayer, song, and witness we will attempt to share both in worship! Who ever said faith was an easy walk! We are asked to hear these stories of faith and to look inward and outward ourselves and to ask, “what saith the Lord to me?!”

We should pray to be challenged and to hear rightly what is good and helpful for each one in a troubled world. How might we be inspired to step up our faith for a full life offered in commitment to God in Jesus Christ!

Perhaps as the week’s unfold in Summer “by our fruits will we be known” as Christians! Let’s do this together not unlike Abraham and Isaac going up Mt Moriah and John Wesley being “strangely warmed in his heart at a prayer meeting on Aldersgate Street in London!

Pastor Barry