I’m Glad God Cares

Psalm 86:1-10, Romans 8:31-39 and Matthew 10:24-39

This Sunday has the highlights of our “coming back from a mini-exile,” a recognition of Fathers in our lives, and the official first day of Summer 2020! Cause for celebration! Our return to the sanctuary will be less like a “celebratory parade” but more like a cautious stepping “inside” after an extended absence! We will still be staying “safe” during a time of public health concerns. Some will not be able to join us and will hopefully still be watching our “live streaming” broadcast. It is all a work in progress. It is a walk by faith not by a lot of sight!

And our scriptures and sermon focus on a caring God whatever we are going through. Life can be hard and difficult. The Bible is clear in agreement on that! But nowhere are we to “fear” or feel as though there is no hope. The Psalmist, Paul, and Jesus resoundingly declare God CARES!

Yet, being human as we are…..we have our “moments.” And we seem to be going through a universal “moment” when the path before us and the road ahead are not as clear as we would like.

All the more reason to hear “what saith the Lord.” All the more reason to gather together as we can in person or in whatever means keep us connected! So, “come on in” or “tune in” this Sunday! God has a Word for all of us together in this moment!

“See” you Sunday!

Pastor Barry