You’ve Got Talent!

It’s that time in the year when individual talents, giftedness, and strengths really begin to be noticed and appreciated. In school work, Fall sports, and election years! Gifted people get noticed! Talent in people, at whatever level, is applauded.

The scriptures, no less, speak to the talents each person has. Deborah is recognized as a leader in the early years of Israel’s becoming a nation of united tribes. Jesus tells his disciples and followers a parable about the faithful use of what each person has been entrusted with. Paul in First Thessalonians encourages us to “build each up and encourage one another.” People of faith have the “talents” to do just that! Young and old all have gifts to share with the community, eg, wisdom, knowledge, strengths, creativity, attributes of all of us being “made in the image of God!”

Imagine also that just being “loved by God our Creator” will bring out the best in each of us for the benefit of each of us! Quite a different way of viewing ourselves with less of an emphasis on competition as our culture tends to glorify.
Be the best that God has in store for you whatever your gifts and talents! Play as though unto the Lord!

Run hard, serve in the elected office, aim for the A+, go long, plant the seeds, be….all you can be while you can be!
Thanks be to God!

Pastor Barry