Fathers, Families, and Forces Faith Has to Fight!

I Kings 8:12-21, Galatians 3:23-29 and Luke 8:26-39

Fathers Day arrives in our churches and we remember and celebrate! What often goes unsaid is the struggle of being a Father, a parent, a family member with all the forces that work against being faithful to those roles and identities.

The Luke text doesn’t quite seem to fit for the emphasis on Father’s Day does it? It’s the assigned Lectionary text and I first thought too hard to work with! As I read it over and over, tho, I was moved to consider that the demon possessed man here had a father or WAS a father! Often, the scriptures offer to us an opportunity to consider what else lies behind the story presented to us.

Does the healed man return to his family, to his father, or to his own children? What might we expect to occur when one has been made whole by the power of God? What changes in relationships when we are made better by the hand of God?!

We will hear what God would lay on our hearts through these scriptures, our songs of praise, our service, and our fellowship! There is no Sunday worship that goes without these elements!

Consider your place in your extended family and include your church family in that consideration. You belong and wholeness is ever a renewing gift from God in those relationships.

Pray for the people of God gathered and then in mission and ministry!

Grace, peace, and healing~~~

Pastor Barry †