Waving Palm Branches, Waiting For Thorns

Psalm 118:19-29, Luke 19:28-40 and Matthew 27:29

Palm Sunday lends itself to excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus as the coming King and Messiah. His entry into Jerusalem is dramatic, visual, full of declaration of Hope.

Growing up as a child in church, it is often the one Sunday worship you get to move your arms, hold something in your hands other than a hymnal, and possibly process to and fro in the sanctuary outside the pews!

But, it is also the Sunday which leads into the week referred to as The Passion. A stretch of days involving struggle, betrayal, sadness, pain, and death. One of the great symbols of this Passion is the crown of thorns. So, we move from the thrill of waving palm branches in our hands to imagining the pain of having thorns pressed into the flesh of Jesus.

Our faith encompasses all of life, from joyful excitement to the depths of all that which hurts us. God’s story meets our stories and we are made glad even in our sins and troubles. God makes a way when our way comes to darkness and shadows; When palm branches and thorns are both found throughout our life. Jesus has been there and knows us and says “trust; there is a way that leads to life eternal. Trust me!”

And so, we begin Holy Week~~~

Blessings in that week ahead!

Pastor Barry †