Table Talk

Job 1:1, 2:1-10, Hebrews 2:5-12 and Mark 10:2-16

Sunday October 3rd is World Communion Sunday. As we celebrate Holy Communion, we will do so knowing millions of other brothers and sisters of Christ around the earth do likewise. And they do so in different languages, cultures, and experiences.

The texts we will read in worship do not directly address The Lord’s Supper. Instead, Job, Hebrews, and Mark speak of suffering, struggle, divorce, and little children. What might we make of this?

I think of what we usually do when we eat a meal together in family or in community. We “cover a lot of topics!” And most of us don’t spend a lot of time on painful subjects. We want to enjoy the meal and incline to small talk, current events, laughter, work matters, plans for fun and leisure.

But, the meal time with God in Christ cannot exclude the difficult things. Indeed, it centers on Cross and Death. But it points to all things Resurrection and Joy, the “abundant life” Jesus promises here and forever.

So, all matters of scripture can be brought to the Table, all things human and divine are acceptable to offer up while sitting with Jesus and his disciples. “This is the Lords Table and all are invited.” All manner of things in Life and Death are welcomed to share with a Savior who loves, cares, and has mercy upon us. Pull up a seat, break bread, drink of the cup, and stay awhile with the Lord. Tell Jesus anything, ask Jesus anything.

Thanks be to God…. †

Pastor Barry