Kingdom Watching

Philippians 4:1-9 and Mark 13

The coming of Christ gives those who follow the Lord a glimpse of the fullness of the Kingdom of God which shall be, and he gives us an invitation to live life now as though it has already come.

A “glimpse” is not full panoramic vision and an “invitation” requires a response. There is clearly an element of faith involved when we don’t see the Ending of the story, but only hear it proclaimed, announced, hoped for. But those steps of faith surprise us when amazingly great and good things appear which, sure enough, look like the way “things should be.”

Healings, forgiveness, mercy, justice, transformation of individuals and communities, genuine care for each other and even for strangers and enemies. Jesus said it, “Behold! The Kingdom of God is in your midst!”

Sometimes dramatic and sudden; sometimes gradual and often in a quiet way. The thing is to be attentive and inquisitive: “what IS God up to? What should I be about if a follower of the One who proclaimed God is at work!?”

On to Sunday worship and on to the week of discipleship!

Pastor Barry †