Not What I Was Expecting

Jonah 3:1-10, I Corinthians 7:29-31 and Mark 1:14-20

Some Sunday scriptures may well leave us with more questions than answers as we leave for our homes after worship. This may well be one of those Sundays!

In Jonah we will hear of God who is intending to punish the huge city of Nineveh for their wickedness. And they are not Jews to begin with! Jonah is sent to call them to repent. They do and God seems to change his intentions. Jonah seems to be disappointed in God’s reconsideration! What is going on here?

And to those in Corinth who might be happy, or grieving, or married……Paul advises them to be “ as if these conditions are not that important” (??)! Why? Because the “time is short(?!)” How lightly are we to hold our commitments and our deepest emotions?

And in Mark, Jesus calls the sons of fisherman Zebedee to follow, but doesn’t seem to call father Zebedee or the hired hands who are all in the boat together. Why not all of them? Or at least the hired hands!

Absolutely fascinating passages of scripture! And challenging for those who notice things they weren’t expecting to hear from God, Paul, or Jesus! Challenging for “inquiring minds of 21st century disciples!”

Preachers and other students of the Bible come up with some kind of answers…..usually.

Pray for your preacher this Sunday! And don’t be too anxious. There is Good News in these scriptures besides some lingering questions! People repent, people hear their calling to follow, people live “as tho the time is short.”

See you this Sunday either in person or “on line!”

Pastor Barry †