Cleansing, Sealing, Sending

Genesis 1:1-5, Acts 19:1-7 and Mark 1:4-11

This coming Sunday we will renew our Baptismal vows. At first thought how does remembering our Baptism possibly address the current unrest in our country and in the world? One seems all about “religion” and the other about worldly government. Yet, as we read our scripture we see that Baptism points to the One who bestows “good changes” upon a sinful and troubled people.

And it points to the One who was without sin but dwelt in the very midst of a sinful world. “For God so loved the world……” Change is often the demand of the day. And what needs to change? “I yam what I yam” said Popeye! Was that a cry for help or just a statement of a retired sailor?! We too are like Popeye in that we are what we are but that we are also a “work in progress!”

If nothing else, this Sunday we will hear what God is about and why God does not give up on us. Baptism is always a sign of what God has done and is still doing!

We often need all the help we can get!

Pray for both church and nation as we gather to worship on this Baptism of Our Lord Sunday.


Pastor Barry