You Talking To Me?

Exodus 3:1-15, Romans 12:9-21 and Matthew 16:21-28

Robert Deniro, famous American actor, made the remark an international expression after his performance in the movie Taxi Driver In 1976. It can be said in various ways to indicate both sarcasm or seriousness.

As we read and hear the three scriptures for this Sunday’s worship we might ask ourselves if each passage is asking us to respond “You talking to me?!”

Moses is suddenly challenged in front of an unnatural burning bush to go and lead a captive people out of oppression. Jesus bluntly addresses the attitude of his disciple Peter as that of Satan: “Get behind me Satan!” And Paul preaches to congregants how to respond to the Good News of God’s unmerited favor upon them. Go and do likewise to your neighbor and even unto your enemies.

We should be listening closely this Sunday to whom are the words addressed: Me? Us? And to what end: daily discipleship and/or a wakeup call for a particular vocational or missional path?! Moses, I want you to do this! Peter, I want you to think about what you just said! Disciples in every congregation, here are concrete ways you live out your discipleship!

I’m going to believe someone will hear this Sunday and take it to heart: “You talking to me?!”

Blessings as you live as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Barry