A Treasure, a Gideon, Share!

Genesis 29:15-28, Romans 8:26-39 and Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Jacob falls in love, is himself tricked and winds up with two wives and a 7 year work commitment! Jesus speaks in parables about the greatest thing to see or to find. And Paul gives us the utmost confidence in God’s everlasting commitment to us in Jesus Christ!

This Word of God is to be shared and that takes people and print. This Sunday the sharing of God’s Word continues in worship and how that same Word can be found in hospitals, schools, hotels, workplaces, chapels, foreign countries, and hundreds of other locations. Our Gideon friends will be with us to share their laity driven ministry of getting the Word in print into all the world. The stories of Jacob and Paul and above all Jesus are ever fresh and lifesaving! How we share these stories is important and creative and involves the ongoing act of distribution.

Bring your own Bible this Sunday, the one you read daily, maybe the one you have marked and underlined for years! It could be a Gideon Bible! It could be a detailed study Bible. KJV, RSV, NIV, NLT or another translation. But, whichever one it is, I am sure it has and still does make a difference in your life. Feed upon the Word for good health for your soul! Break bread with others!

See you Sunday in person or “on line!”


Pastor Barry