The Seed, The Soil, The Good and Not So Good!

Genesis 25:19-34, Romans 8:1-11 and Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Jesus is incredibly patient! He invests in his disciples for a good number of years only to see them falter, fail, flourish, and eventually forgiven. And the “harvest” of that first century planting is going on 2000 years now! The Church of Jesus Christ is still ministering, failing, forgiven, and going forward. It’s a wonder to behold!

The Church has a message of “planting the Gospel seed” here and yon and waiting on the various “soil and souls” to give increase….or not.
It’s both exciting and frustrating.

With six months to go in a rough and questionable 2020, will we the Church keep doing our ongoing “field work” in sharing good/Gospel seed for “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?” How much of a difference will it make in the USA and the world? We can’t say. The “soil” varies from person to person, place to place. We plant, people respond or don’t, and God’s bountiful harvest will still come about in each generation. Until the End.

So, let’s worship the God who is patient with us and with the many, and will bring to pass the Kingdom with “whosoever will!”

See you Sunday in worship!

Pastor Barry