Renewed Strength, Blessings, Demons

Isaiah 40:21-31, I Corinthians 9:16-23 and Mark 1:29-39

God offers a whole lot in the full package of relational salvation. Isaiah says God is a “renewer of strength.” Paul says the Gospel is a “blessing.” And Mark says “Jesus cast out evil spirits.”

For us, and most of church history, the faithful experience a divine strength beyond our own. They experience a long list of blessings from the Good News. However, getting an evil spirit cast out is not at the top of the list!

On the other hand, we would eagerly accept the “exorcism” of meanness, violence, captivity to bad habits, anything that “harmfully possesses us!” Please release me!! The Good News is meant to be a freedom both from bad things and a freedom for good things. Please release me, let me go! Please direct me toward the good, the better, the best!

Most of us are in need of help beyond what we can do for ourselves. The Source is God in Christ and the visible help comes by the Spirit working through the many hands and feet of the Church. Especially the Church known Sunday and every weekday!

Let’s explore this help we receive from God in its many forms and features this Sunday in worship in Word and at Table as scripture is proclaimed and Bread and Cup are shared.

Blessings indeed!

Pastor Barry †