A House Is Not A Home

2 Samuel 7:1-14, Ephesians 2:11-22 and Mark 6:30-34.

The passages in Samuel and Ephesians touch upon the images of “temple, house of God, buildings, foundations, and where God dwells.” Mark is about the ongoing picture of Jesus with his band of disciples on the move. Not much about where they would stay or rest or abide although the need for such is apparent! They are a “house on the move.”

The overarching question is “where does God dwell?!” David said that he himself as King had a good cedar house to live in but God only had a tent(!). David sets out to build a Temple for God. By the time we arrive in Ephesians, God clearly has a “different building to live in!”

God as Spirit is everywhere we affirm but there is just something about the human creature that is made for God to inhabit! Jesus and the church of Jesus fit the bill perfectly.

We will go exploring what the scriptures say about this Presence of God in us. We may take a side trip “up” into God’s universe since Friday July 20 is the anniversary of the moon landing and moon walk in 1969! 49 years ago! And we might go more family oriented as a special place for God since this Sunday is also recognized as Parents’ Day!

Before we are all said and done, God is going to be shown to be with us….wherever we are, wherever the Creation exists!

Be ready to set up a house and a home!

See you in “a” house of the Lord on Sunday!

Pastor Barry