Resurrection Rallies

We get together for about anything! Sports, birthdays, anniversaries, politics, yard sales, and just about any parade. Turn on a yard light at night or set out a table in daytime and you get a crowd! We are gatherers.

After Jesus’ died there was to have been a prescribed time of family mourning. Together but immeasurably sad that time was definitely cut short. Cut to the Resurrection gatherings! Disciples here in a room, at a meal, traveling on the roads, fishing at the lakeshore, you name it…..Jesus shows up! Unexpectedly, for the most part. Together again!

These moments certainly reflect our Old Testament reading: “How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity.”
Instead of a time of grief and mourning when the disciples and Jesus’ kin met together it is instead a time of amazement, joy, and often a meal! It’s hard to cry when you are with friends and everybody is eating!

We will gather at The Lords Table this Sunday April 8. There is a certain solemnity and seriousness when we receive the bread and the cup… and rightly so. It reminds us of both Sin and the cost of dealing with Sin. But, back of that is great joy in the salvation work of God! Keep that in mind when we gather this Sunday. Good Friday had to be, but Resurrection Sundays have a way of reminding us that such Fridays of Death must give way to a Big Get Together of the Family Of God on Sunday! And an Eternal Sunday at that!

Confess your sins (I John 1:9) and then just sit down with friends to eat well and have a great time!

Invite a neighbor! See you Sunday!

Pastor Barry