Hearing, Seeing….Anything Different?

After our District Ministers’ Meeting at Manchester First, there was much discussion about the worship we enjoyed together that morning. The scriptures were anticipating Advent as were the three preachers who shared meditations. And the hymns and congregational responses were joyous. All came together to make for faithful worship….and lively discussions over lunch at Coffee Cafe in Manchester!

One of the questions that emerged from the meditations was, “Could Mary have been stoned to death for her pregnancy if Joseph had divorced her?” I previously thought that the likely outcome was a shaming and a life of poverty as a single mother. Was it legal to execute a pregnant woman?” How might the Teachers of the day handled the matter HAD Joseph followed the permissible law?

It made for my “digging into” scripture later and a great sense of all the preachers thinking hard and maybe differently about Mary and the Law as we approach Advent in a few weeks!

The question before all of us is this: when we hear and see and respond to our scriptures IN COMMUNITIES OF FAITH is anything different? How might the actual difference be an increase in faithfulness and discipleship? A difference that anyone might notice!?

Let’s be about this question this Sunday. Mark tells us about a widow who gave all…out of her poverty. What might be different when this is heard?

Blessings as you pray your way toward Sunday!

Pastor Barry