Little Easters in Autumn

Each Sunday worship is considered by Christians to be a “little Easter.” Of course, every Sunday’s sermon, hymns, and scriptures are not specifically about Death and Resurrection, even so, the unspoken awareness of most is that we are present together to affirm both our mortality and God’s promise to overcome mortality.

I had a pastoral care professor who quoted Leander Keck, NT professor at Yale, saying that all teachers of classes on Scripture should be sure to tell students that they were in that class to always hear what these scriptures say about Death and/or about Life.

September 24 follows a week filled with news of death and destruction, threats about death and destruction, and even one more prediction about the End of Earth and Christ’s return coming on Saturday the 23rd! My experience in such predictions is that I will be conducting worship on the following Sunday and the End is not yet!

As brother Travis at Kedron is fond of saying, “I can be sure Christ is NOT coming back on THAT day whenever anyone predicts a certain day of His coming back!” I agree! Nevertheless, we, of all people on earth, should not shy away from hearing of both OUR end or of God’s promise about an End!

So, Jesus in Matthew 20 speaks to the First and the Last and Paul at the church in Philippi yearns to be with the Lord but stays here for “our sakes.” And the Exodus narrative has the Israelites grumbling about “dying in the wilderness.” But, whichever verses you focus on there will still be found Good News to cheer us about God’s Grace and Providence in spite of our Human Condition.

Come on to worship this Sunday! It’s a “little Easter” happening kind of day!


Pastor Barry