Three Reasons Going To Worship Is Good For You

Parents are always trying to convince their kids that certain things like fruit and vegetables are good for them. Or that going to bed and getting a good night’s rest is better than staying up late and playing video games! Sometimes persuasion fails and commands are issued. (That works easier with video games than vegetables!).

In the scriptures for this Sunday I see three reasons that going to worship, going to church is good for people:

1) There is such a thing as the Sacred, the Holy. People need to approach the Sacred and Holy rather than ignore it or “take for granted.” (See Moses and the burning bush in Exodus 3).

2) In spite of what we often see around us and in history, God says good will triumph over evil. As bad as we might feel, there is a One who helps and that One has helpers! There is a way forward out of the bad that is provided by God. We need to hear and to see this Hope and Promise! In all its imperfections and weaknesses the Church does point toward God our Helper. (See Paul giving examples of how very different people could ‘get along’ in the congregation in first century Rome. Romans 12:9-21).

3) Being a person of the Church, being “saved” is a way of living, a response to God’s grace that is a way of discipleship. And it can be a challenge! But who doesn’t want the challenge to have a life that is more than survival or boredom or all self-centered or just “entertaining.” We need deep within us to be part of a Greater Purpose than just what we want or think we need! (See Jesus’ challenge to his disciple Peter and all those who would follow the Messiah. Matthew 16:21-28 is about losing and saving one’s own life and soul).

Who wouldn’t want to know the Holy, find a Way through life’s troubles, and be part of a Challenge to live an exciting life with a purpose and a Guide??!! Are we the kind of Church that gets that across to others not part of Church? Are we the kind of Believers that take this awareness to our own hearts and are made glad knowing God our Savior??!

See you in worship this Sunday! Invite a neighbor!

Pastor Barry