Go Figure!

This week we will hear about civil disobedience. By midwives. In ancient Egypt. We will also get reassurance that “the gates of hell will not prevail against” the church. When Jesus spoke of gates the people would likely have images of gates that were strongholds of not only local cities but also powerful oppressive Rome. Jesus has confidence in the “church” he is building with the faith of disciples such as Peter. And lastly we are encouraged by Paul who stresses the “renewing of our minds” so as to be “transformed” so we can “figure out” what God’s will is for us. In other words, don’t be afraid to THINK! Just do the kind of thinking that leads to what is “good, pleasing, and mature.”

I was greatly encouraged by these scriptures! After the last few weeks of civic turmoil and international fear and anxiety, I felt that God shows us we will be given strength of mind and will and community to get through crisis; to be given the means to “figure this all out!”

Of course, the captive Hebrews in Egypt, Peter and the other disciples, and Paul the missionary to a wide cultural range of non Jews (Gentiles) still have a long walk of faith and witness ahead of them! But, God promises to meet the needs of the “will, the mind, and the body of believers” to find a way through crisis and uncertainty.

We may not be captive in Egypt nor subject to the “hellish gates of powerful Rome,” but there are challenges enough in 2017 America and in Middle Tennessee and in our personal lives! God says to God’s people…..”you can do this!”

Thanks be to God~+

See you Sunday!

Pastor Barry