Rescue Me! (And the World)!

Rescue me! Save me! At some point, in a lifetime, these words will be said. An actual situation will arise both earthly and…spiritually. And maybe more than once!

If you haven’t seen the current movie DUNKIRK, you might want to see it since it’s all about an intense earthly rescue of some 400,000 British and French troops trapped at the beach village during WWII. The rescuing was done mostly by….civilians bringing their own boats to the rescue. Great acts of courage and faith; in rough waters under battle conditions. So it is also depicted in the continuing story of Jacob and his children. Joseph, the youngest, is done in by his jealous brothers! Is he lost? Down a well!

Paul in Romans 10 is still struggling with God’s rescue of both Jew and Gentile. And Jesus, once again, demonstrates to his fearful disciples that He is able to save in rough waters.

No one ultimately can save themselves. No one is “captain of their own soul.” We all need help, we all need each other, we all need a Savior.
And we need reminding! So, we can steer our flimsy boats toward the One who can make a safe harbor and finally bring us home! Bring us all home together!

Yes, go see the movie. And go to Jesus in whom God has acted for our sakes and not ours only, but for the whole Creation, the World God so loved!


Pastor Barry