The Abundant Life Table

If any word describes the Christian life better than “abundant” please let me know! In all of these scriptures for Sunday there are generous descriptions of ways of living in God’s present and future reign. A Good Shepherd leads us in right directions, feeds us and gives us drink at a grand table, and we are kept secure! (Psalm 23). As a new family of brothers and sisters we share and share alike (Acts 2:44,45). Our needs are met in community! And in I Peter 2:21 we are never without an example and a presence as to how to live. We have a “Bishop of our souls” (KJV)!

Translating this into the year 2017 and month of May….well, there is the exciting challenge! Practice may NOT make perfect, but it surely is as close to “abundant” as we will get in this life!

Let’s help each other be examples for others in abundant living. And this “abundant living” (John 10:10) has very little to do with bank accounts unless like John Wesley instructs us, “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

Be a blessing!

Pastor Barry