Gone To Meddlin?

Isaiah 5:1-7, Hebrews 11:29-12:2 and Luke 12:49-59

There is the old sermon story about the preacher who goes on about the sins of the congregation. They respond “preach it!” Until….the preacher gets too close to their own sins, whereas, the member in the amen corner says to the preacher, “Now you’ve gone to meddlin!”

Well, that’s what prophets do. And this Sunday we hear both Isaiah and Jesus weigh in on the current (and future) state of the “world.” The message is immediately for those closest, those who are disciples and earnest to follow Prophet and Teacher. But, the messages are stern, demanding, eye opening! Yet, for the most part, Jesus’ followers, especially the Twelve, hear the message and still stay with their Master. They know him as the caring Master and trust him in spite of the indicting words.

If we know someone loves us down deep, we can usually accept harsh warnings about our behavior. It’s not meant to be abusive but more a “wake up call!”

If you are in a community that consistently hears the full sweep of scripture read, taught, and preached we too can bear up under the stern words when we know the ultimate message is love for us. If we only occasionally attend to scripture, we may well only hear “doom and gloom,” “meddlin’ so to speak!

It’s the full orb of faith we encounter by ongoing life in the church. It’s the fullness of the whole Faith that takes a lifetime in church relationships to enjoy what all God has in store for all Creation including us who stumble along eager for both discipline in Christ and joyous freedom in Christ!

Rejoice and be glad in whatever God’s message is for us!

Join together in worship this Sunday!

Pastor Barry