An Endless Line of Splendor

Acts 11:1-18, Revelation 21:1-6 and John 13:31-35

This Sunday is Heritage Sunday. We look back to remember what we have inherited as Christians, Methodists in particular, and from whom we have inherited e.g. the founding Wesley brothers, circuit riding Francis Asbury, and even our parents and those before.

We are not self-made men and women nor, as people of faith, can we say we “pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.” We are who we are by the grace of God and the varied gifts we have received from generation to generation.

This Sunday our scriptures celebrate the doors of the church being thrown wide open in the first century (Acts 11:1-18) inviting all peoples and nations to be grafted into the people of God known as Israel. Love will be the key (John 13:31-35) and the final home a New Heaven and a New Earth (Revelation 21:1-6).

The endless line of splendor ends in the fullness of God’s love! By faith, let’s jump in line and by faith stay in line! We might be surprised who you are walking with and amazed at the life stories of each. We will retell this Sunday some of those faith filled stories e.g. John Wesley’s experience at Aldersgate Chapel on May 24, 1738. We may well hear of great moments coming out of Kedron and Locks Memorial. Better yet we hope to remember that in God’s unfolding work in history we will STILL see “Gods spirit poured upon all flesh….sons and daughters shall prophesy….we will see visions….we shall dream dreams…..” Acts 2:17 quoting Joel 2:28-32!

See you soon in worship as we commune with all the Saints, The Church Triumphant At Rest and the Church Still At Work!

Pastor Barry