Mothers Day

John 10:11-18 and Isaiah 40:11

This Sunday worship will highlight Mother’s Day, Good Shepherd Sunday with a word about herding cats as described by several angels in conversation! Not something you will get in worship just anywhere!

Delann Dunbar has brought her creative gifts again to our hour of worship with a fresh presentation on the work and care of mothers and those others who display the qualities of caring parenthood.

Good shepherds abound in every age and culture. And they need not be just about herding sheep! Or cats for that matter! Call them by many a name, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or Dad, Gramps, Unc, coach, “teach,” leader, friend or buddy, they will usually be around when you need “herding,” need an angel, need a hug and guidance, need “a table set before you.”

Blessings upon the Carers this day!

Pastor Barry